Creativity changes everything.


The Hotel Bathrobe Theory

I have this theory about bathrobes. All luxury hotels have them, but some remind you that each detail of your experience has been thoughtfully curated, from the length of the sleeves to the softness of the material. Some are designed with personality and beg to be documented and shared. And others, well, they remind you that you’re just another customer wearing just another stiff, scratchy one-size-fits-all robe. In business, we all have “hotel bathrobe” opportunities… the chance to take something typically overlooked and transform it into a memorable detail that helps to strengthen our brand identity. What is yours?

Creative Thinking

Did you know that creativity isn't just something some people are born with? In fact, we're all born with it. But our creativity depletes as we get older and become more inhibited. We start filtering our seemingly random but potentially random thought processes and get stuck in the monotony of the comfortable. If you're in a rut, stuck on a problem or having trouble thinking of new ideas, it might be because you've tapped out of your creativity. My goal is to help cultivate your creative problem solving, opportunity exploration and innovative spirit. Let's do this.